Colmore Row Proposed Pavilion
This project was about turning an unused space into a Bar/Restaurant, with the entrance being in off-center in the square, as shown in the images and plans below. Essentially it is a glass box to allow transparency to not restrict visibility when moving through the square. Then to add some interest we have a light feature that mimics the flow of the stairs descending downwards.
Software Used: Blender [Modelling, Rendering, Texturing], Photoshop [Post Production], Vectorworks [CAD Drawings]
Existing Square
View towards the Train Station
View towards Corporation Street
Another View towards the Train Station
Square with the Proposed Pavilion
Proposed Basement with Sample Fitout
Proposed Basement Upper with sample Fit-Out
Close View of the Ground Floor Pavilion in Plan
Proposed Roof Plan
Proposed Elevations of the Pavilion
Proposed Section of the Pavilion
External Rendered View_1
External Rendered View_2
Internal Rendered View_1
Internal Rendered View_2

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